Why call Ace Asphalt and Striping for all your sealing and striping needs in New Albany, Westerville, Gahanna, Ohio?

Winter is slowly retreating as Spring rounds the corner, which means the weather can be erratic. When the temperature swings from warm to cold and back again, it pays a toll on your driveway. As the asphalt expands and contracts, cracks begin to form. Ice and snow fill the cracks and rain washes the debris away, making cracks larger. By the time the warm weather is here to stay, the driveway has more cracks than a piece of caramel brittle.

A sure way to avoid this fate is to seal your driveway. A quality sealer will not only protect your driveway from ice and rain, but it will also protect against high winds and the harsh summer heat. A sealer will repel oil drips and spills keeping the driveway smooth and pristine. A smooth driveway is easier to shovel in the winter and makes parking simple and hassle-free.

Looking to sell your house or update your curb appeal? One of the most noticeable parts of the front of a house is the driveway. A cracked, dirty, or gravel-filled driveway may deter buyers from considering your property as their future home. A smooth, clean driveway is aesthetically pleasing and will add to the beautiful landscape in front of your house.

Suppose you’ve already sealed your driveway to create the best look for the front of your house. If the sealant is cracked or flaking, it may be time for an update. Stripping is a chemical process used to remove all the old, inadequate sealants. Once the space has been completely and successfully stripped, a fresh treatment of sealant may be applied. How do you ensure the sealant has been removed fully and reapplied correctly? Hire a respected and trusted team of experts to complete the task for the best result.

Ace Asphalt and Stripping is a team of experts located in New Albany, Westerville, and Gahanna, Ohio. Ace’s dedicated employees use quality materials to create gorgeous driveways and parking lots. They work just as diligently with their private clients as they do with their corporate accounts. Their website depicts photos of the flawless spaces created for their customers. Ace Asphalt and Stripping will strip away the old and replace it with the best version of the new. Contact Ace Asphalt and Stripping for all of your sealing and stripping needs.