Why Hire Ace Asphalt Maintenance and Striping to Seal Your Commercial Parking Lot?

Own a business in Pataskala, Gahanna, New Albany and Pickerington, Ohio? Call Ace Asphalt today for your parking lot needs.

A smooth, freshly sealed and striped parking lot is as important to the look of a storefront as landscaping is to the curb appeal of a house. In addition to making a business more attractive to customers, having the parking lot repaired and sealed extends the life of the asphalt and saves money in the long run. Ace Asphalt Maintenance and Striping has years of experience in repairing, sealing and striping parking lots so that they always look new.

A parking lot that's faded and cracked by exposure to the elements is a turn-off to customers. Cracks in asphalt with weeds growing through make the parking area look seedy, and a small crack can quickly become a large pothole if it's not filled. Sealing only repaired areas can look as bad as not making repairs at all. Ace Asphalt Maintenance and Striping is well-known in the Pataskala, Gahanna, New Albany and Pickerington, Ohio areas for making old parking lots look new again by resealing the entire lot. Completely resealing and restriping the parking area is as vital to a new business as repainting and putting up a new awning.

Parking lots take a beating from large delivery trucks, harsh winter weather and snow plows. When the snow thaws, business owners are often confronted with new potholes. Potholes can damage vehicles and pose safety hazards to customers and employees. Ace Asphalt Maintenance and Striping can repair potholes quickly so that customers can safely park and walk in the lot.

It's also important that a parking lot be properly striped. Lanes reserved for emergency vehicles must be clearly defined. Parking spaces for the disabled must be plainly marked. Freshly painted parking spaces keep the rest of the lot orderly and avoid problems like entrances and exits being blocked by improperly parked vehicles.

Ace Asphalt Maintenance and Striping employs a professional, friendly staff and responds quickly to urgent calls as well as general resealing and restriping jobs. Their technicians are experienced at getting the job done right the first time and making drab old parking lots attractive and safe again. Business owners in Gahanna, Pickerington, Pataskala and New Albany know to call Ace Asphalt Maintenance and Striping when they want the best-looking parking lot on the block.