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Why Hire a Local Company to Seal Coat My Parking Lot in Licking County, Ohio

Seal coating is the process of applying a protective coating over an asphalt paved surface. The purpose of seal coating is to preserve and protect the pavement from water infiltration, ultraviolet ray degradation, winter plowing ace-asphalt-maintenance-striping-photos-9-21-12and treatment, wear from traffic and dripping automotive liquids. Seal coating should not be applied directly after paving.

The most obvious reason for hiring a local contractor to seal coat a parking lot is the local visibility of the company. A local company will be known within the community, if not by name, by their logo or the type of truck they drive. They are in the business for the long haul and not just to make a quick buck performing inferior work and heading off to another neighborhood. A local contractor is vested in the community and will take pride in the appearance of the community and their work. The employees typically live and work in the same area, and they invest in the local economy.

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A local seal coating company will help you understand the difference between seal coating and crack sealing. Seal coating material is applied to protect the surface of a paved area while crack sealing is the process of filling in a crack in the pavement with a purpose made rubber before applying the seal coating.

There are a few seal coating scams used by some of the more unscrupulous seal coaters in the business. A local contractor who wishes to stay in business will provide reliable service and quality workmanship. For the record, one of the most popular scams is to approach a homeowner and offer a discount on a seal coat job because they have a lot of emulsion left over from a prior job. The contractor usually requires an upfront payment and then does not perform the work. Another scam is to approach a homeowner who has a drive that shows signs of wear and offers seal coating services when neither is necessary or their mix design isn’t mixed according to manufacturer’s specifications and wears off prematurely.

A seal coating application for a parking lot will typically last about two to three years, but the actual time will depend on how much traffic uses the parking lot. Plowing the pavement in winter and applying sand and salt will wear on the seal coating protecting the pavement

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