The Importance of Having Your Asphalt Driveway or Parking Lot Sealed in Newark, Ohio

Sealing asphalt driveways or parking lots in Ohio is especially important because it can effectively reduce pavement deterioration due to this state's wide range of temperature and weather changes. Asphalt is the type of pavement material that will either expand or contract depending on the type of environment it is regularly exposed to. As time passes, you may begin to see pits and cracks forming on the surface that gradually spread out and eventually turn into deep ruts or fissures. Once the asphalt forms cracks, water can seep in and damage the integrity of the asphalt further if not properly protected.

Repairing or even replacing a driveway is a reality you will need to address soon if this scenario were to happen to you. Regardless of whether you correct the issues with your asphalt driveway/parking lot yourself or hire a contractor, it will be an awfully expensive project to execute.

Crack sealing or seal coating products, however, will protect your pavement from extreme temperature and climate conditions that will also help save you money on making repairs down the line. Humidity, heavy rain, extreme heat, excessive sunlight and cold weather can all create changes in the layers of asphalt. Sealants form a molecular bond with asphalt so that deformations such as warping, and bending are prevented to a large degree.

Many sealants must be applied every three years and come as two types: asphalt sealants based with coal tar and asphalt-based sealants. Out of the two, coal tar asphalt-based sealants typically perform better when applied to your asphalt driveway if it is frequently soaked with oil and gasoline; both substances over time will slowly eat away at an asphalt-based sealant whereas the coal tar asphalt-based sealant is left unaffected. It also important to look to find a sealant that has no less than a three-year warranty, since the length of the warranty means you will be getting a better-quality product.

Regardless of how big an area your type of asphalt pavement or parking lot covers, it is essential to maintain it properly. This is especially important in Ohio where extreme temperatures and climatic conditions are present. With regular inspections of your asphalt, you can readily spot any damages that may have appeared and can execute the correct maintenance work to save money on major repairs.