Why Hire Ace Asphalt Maintenance & Striping To Install A Wheel Stop For Parking Lots In Columbus, Ohio

Parking Lot Wheel Stops

Many drivers have trouble with parking and access to sidewalks from time to time. Whether this inconvenience is temporary or long-lived, wheel stops can be of great help. It is an efficient way to prevent motor vehicle overhangs and let the easy passage of pedestrians walking or on wheelchairs. And it is a standard set forth and supported by Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for parking lots in general.

Wheel stops demand no equipment beyond a simple obstruction on every parking slot, the design of which depends on the necessity and other factors. These stops can easily address the access of aisles and spaces as well. Through wheel stops, large vans and other vehicles are prevented from obstructing the clear width of adjacent routes meant for easy access. Most local zoning has clear-cut requirements, for compliance and safety, for these wheel stops.

The Purpose of Wheel Stops

Wheel stops are made of materials that are strong enough to form an obstacle between parking spaces to avoid vehicle movement. They serve many purposes, not just barriers for easy movement.

1. Wheel Stops Prevent Fender Benders

They help prevent fender benders in parking lots and other places. The obstacles ensure that drivers are not pulling too far into the lot. They are also helpful in preventing drivers from taking risky maneuvers that can result in collisions with pedestrians or other vehicles. The purpose of wheel stops is to confine the vehicle to that one intended spot.

2. Wheel Stops Help Control Traffic

When a parking lot is crowded, it makes sense to install wheel stops. Not only is it a good idea to have wheel stops when you are running a busy commercial business, but it also helps control traffic by itself. With wheel stops, there will be fewer accidents, arguments over parking spaces, and traffic jams. In essence, wheel stops help a smooth flow of traffic without the need for a traffic controller.

3. Wheel Stops Increase the Aesthetic Appeal

Wheel stops are the best way to add aesthetic appeal and safety features to your parking lot. Parking lots will look good with wheel stops installed in every space. There is a wide range of wheel stop patterns, designs, and materials to choose from, and you will be able to select the elements of your preference. The brochure available with professional paving contractors from Ace Asphalt Maintenance & Striping lets you select the design that matches your business theme.

Why Hire Ace Asphalt & Maintenance

Ace Asphalt Maintenance & Striping is your one-stop-shop for wheel stops and related services. By obtaining the installation service from this company, you are guaranteeing that they will complete the work and ensure compliance with all safety regulations. Quality and workmanship contribute greatly to the functionality and beauty of wheel stops. That is why it's so important that you hire someone like Ace Asphalt Maintenace & Striping for making sure that everything is in order.